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Helmi-Elfriide Arrak is a friend of mine from high school art classes. I have always admired her flowing, smooth style. Looking at her work (especially in pencil) leaves the impression that it has been done in one long stroke. At least that’s how I have always felt. Now that she has studied art more thoroughly for a few years, her work has evolved anatomy-wise. She is more precise, but still in that cool flowing way. And I love the way she uses colors. Even when she is copying Klimt or whoever, she makes it her own thing.

Helmi will rule the world one day, I have no doubt.

Helmi Elfriide Arrak 1 Helmi Elfriide Arrak 4

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

At this point I cannot stand it.

I understand what is funny and I laugh and all that noise, but I hate the characters. The humor is built upon people’s quirks, the subtle (or not so subtle) weirdness of each individual. And I’d love the show if I felt sorry for the lead guy Larry David, if I thought “Oh, poor Larry, look at all those freaks you have to deal with”, but he is just as freaky and annoying! So I don’t sympathize with any of them and that makes this sort of show intolerable for me.

I get embarrassed when watching these shows and I hate that feeling. So in truth, the show itself isn’t bad, but the feeling I get from it makes me hate watching it. Yes, that’s the best way I can put it.

It has happened before that something I really really hate at first kind of grows on me and eventually I start loving it. I won’t say that this show doesn’t have a chance at that scenario, cause weirder things have happened in this world. But I will say that for now I am not touching that with a ten-foot pole. And if my boyfriend, who, by the way, loves the show, makes me watch it again in the near future, I might just smack him right across the face.

curb your enthusiasm larry david

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Best space western EVER!

It’s just such a shame that it lasted for only one season. But it was a very good season, every episode was a pearl, so yay. I love the fact that they opened with a longer pilot and ended the whole thing with the 2005 Serenity that gave it a nice (and quite necessary) finishing touch.

Every single episode was good. Not one of them left me wishing for something extra. And the characters are all so coulourful. You can smell Joss Whedon’s touch all over the place. (It’s a good smell, that one is.) His characters are unique. And the humor! I love it. Just my kind of laughs.

And how about that Nathan Fillion, eh? I’ve mentioned his tendency to appeal to the visual senses before. It’s something worth mentioning again somewhere in the future. Even in Buffy, where he was naughty preacherman, he was still heavenly.

Still, though: such a shame. Only one season! What a waste of good TV. I read somewhere that its short life can be attributed to some Fox bigwigs who had to make someone look bad and so they did everything they could to undermine this show. That’s just awful. Bad FOX!

Firefly was Whedon’s best contribution to TV history. Even Buffy doesn’t compare. And that’s saying something. I simply hope that someone responsible for the one-season-fiasco is dying of remorse and guilt and other very very bad feelings. Only the thought of that someone burning in a special dimension of hell gets me through the day.


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“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

I think Susanna’s version of this Joy Division song has more emotions. Sometimes the covers are better than the originals (take Hanne Hukkelberg’s version of the Pixies’ Break My Body for example) and I think this is true in this case as well.

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Martini Bianco

It’s a definite favorite of mine. The taste is sublime and the process of drinking it has some sort of fanciness to it. You think “I’m fancy because I drink Martini”.  Well, not exactly. But still – a bit. It’s not cheap, it’s not your everyday drink for the night (although that would be kind of nice, right), so it has a certain special quality to it.

My first Martini was in highschool. We had these long breaks between lectures – sometimes 3 hours – so what else could we do but go to a pub. Almost every time we had a break we went to get Martinis. And then it hit me: why go to a pub to get three rounds of Martinis if I could buy a whole bottle from a store for the same amount of money? It was a friggin epiphany! Highschool math can really come in handy sometimes.

And so it began.


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Iggy Pop…

… is hot. As hell. Although he is old enough to have seen the dinosaurs, he is still badass and ripped. And he makes awesome music. Listening to him right now with cheap wine on the side. Perfect combo in my book.


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Mah lil sista!

Although not really. But still. Truly. Absolutely. Affirmative! There’s so much. And that’s what it is. Will be. Always, babe. Never bad. Because there’s just too much of it. It won’t let it. Nonsense!


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I know, I know, this is getting ridiculous. One teen madness after another like this is going to drive me crazy sooner or later (and seeing as I am spending most of my time watching these shows, I’m kind of betting on sooner). But I can’t help myself. There is just such luring simplicity in these shows that I can’t resist. Being 21, I won’t get to experience the feeling of being irresponsible much longer. Being totally safe and being the little girl whose life is totally organized by parental forces that have taken care of me so far will be a thing of the past. And I guess I’m trying to hold on to those old feelings. Responsibility is not exactly what I would call one of my strengths. So the transition from the little girl into an adult kind of puts a toll on me mentally. And instead of facing my demons I do what I can do best: escape.

Roswell is presently my main exit from reality. It’s such a sweet love story and I’m a sucker for those. Liz and Max and their never-ending quest to reach togetherness… And being a fan of the whole space scene makes my falling in love with this old favorite again inevitable.

I remember when it was first shown on TV. Me and Mari were stupid for it. The lingering of the first kiss between Max and Liz during the first season created such tensions that when they finally went for it I called Mari and we just screamed at each other with joy. Oh, fun times.

The show is getting pretty serious as it goes along. Murders and teen (alien) pregnancy, armed robbery… I just started season 3 and I bet there are more serious stuff ahead. I’m counting on it. Sure, the show is at times predictable and silly and lame, but just like with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its ‘flaws’, the flaws make Roswell that much more cuter.


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“Did You Disappoint Your God” by Neva Dinova

This song… wow. It took me to some whole other place, truly. It brings out a bittersweet quality hidden in me. The feeling that sometimes makes you want to be a bit sad, because it’s a feeling you haven’t felt for some time, but once you do remember it you kind of let it take over and drown you. I’m not sure if I’m making sense. I kind of got lost.

I love the first four lines of the lyrics the most:

What’s it like when you die?
Do you live on in memories?
If you can, I wanna try
I didn’t get nothing done in this life

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I was scared throughout the whole movie, but I think that was because I am such a sissy when it comes to children. If there is a child in trouble onscreen then I am always touched. I’m weak like that. Children are just always made out to be so innocent and cute that if they were threatened by a psycho ax murderer, then I get all tense and scared. But the makers of this movie knew that kids have a tendency of making us feel this way, so: good for you, yay.

I still need to complain about the whole Estonian thing. I think it’s kind of obligatory for me, as I am an Estonian. It was not as bad as I had heard it was – at least somebody spoke bad Estonian, instead of just taking the easy way out and making it all Russian. But if you’re going to make Estonia a part of the film, then just do it correctly. I mean, is it too much to ask to make this “Saarne Instituute” into a real Estonian word? Too much to ask to use Estonian on the documents, instead of Russian? Have an Estonian doctor speak with an Estonian accent instead of a Russian accent? Estonia is not Russia. And I know that this is a typical Estonian trying to convince somebody – if anybody – of something that is of absolutely no importance to them, but just… I don’t know. Just say that you don’t know Estonia, I won’t blame you, but don’t confuse it with Russia. We Estonians tend to have a low tolerance policy about that because of all the nasty things associated with being united with the Soviet Union and shit.

Other than that, I think it was OK. Good anti-adoption flick with fertilizer for xenophobia.

large_orphan 2009

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