It was a free screening for people who had recently bought new cell phones or something, so the crowd was not a typical mass of Twihards or even Twisofts. They were simply people who had nothing better to do than to use the free tickets and be lured with a chance to win an even newer cell phone that was to be given away afterwards.

It was so cute hearing all those ewws and omgs and giggles and fe Read More →

When Fringe started, I was psyched. I thought it was kind of like x-files, only more scientific – an epic win combo! And the first season was great, it totally delivered! I was pleased, Al was pleased, and we were both looking forward to season 2. Read More →

I have never been a fan of hiphop, because that genre reached my ears at the stage when it was already mostly shit. So when I first heard Digable Planets in… um… 2005, I had no idea that it’s hiphop, I thought it was some cool modern jazz or whatever. Read More →